Hi! I’m Jacquie.

I do cannabis Content Marketing

I know cannabis & i know people

For 10 years, I’ve been on the front lines of retail stores
helping consumers make confident purchasing decisions

Now I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry, and cannabis consumers need that same guidance. 

The #1 thing that helps them make that choice with ease? 

Empower your audience with

inspiring and informative content.

Creative Copywriting

Make your brand story stand out – Use content to help your brand stand out in a sea of green.


Content & SEO Strategy

Be the industry expert – Build trust and industry authority in your brand with quality, SEO optimized content.

Email Marketing

Make a meaningful connection with your prospects – Reap the rewards of an informed and inspired audience: customer loyalty and repeat business.


Blog Posts

Empower your audience with education. Help your prospects make confident purchasing decisions with in-depth, useful content.

There is a HUGE GAP between

cannabis brands and cannabis consumers.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

Increase Conversion Rates

When was the last time you clicked a banner ad?

That’s what I thought.

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than paid advertising – that’s 3x the ROI.

Increase Brand Awareness

“You build loyalty by helping someone with something, so then when they are ready to buy they remember that. Show and tell is the new sell, sell, sell.

-Margaret Magnarelli, Senior Director of Marketing & Managing Editor of Content, Monster, via Conductor

60% of consumers view a company more positively after reading custom content on its site.

Drive More Traffic

Content marketing can bring in 6x more traffic to your site.

Over half of marketers say that they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging.

Long-form blog posts have the ability to generate up to 9x more leads.

Quality content empowers your customers to feel good about their buying decisions.
Good enough to buy again, and again, and again.

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